My name is Mary Bell! And I’m a photographer. I’m not like a regular photographer, I’m a cool photographer. Whatever that means. Bell is my last name but if you call me by my whole name it’s all good, it does have a ring to it (get it RING?! Hahaha).

Coffee, gin, and beer are some of my favorite non-water beverages. My favorite recreational activities include hiking, tending to my house plants, cooking, playing with my partners dog, antiquing (specifically for old ceramics, mirrors and cameras). I also work part time at a local brewery, which I love! Being able to work for and support local, small businesses is something so important to me. I’m a small business owner myself so I’m all about sharing the love.


Classic. Candid. Creative.

This is my approach. I’m a touch of a traditionalist. I gather a lot of inspiration from old classic portrait and documentary work from the OG photography masters. This means traditional lighting (give me all the windows), gentle posing and guiding, and simple backdrops.

I also focus heavily on the MOMENTS, the unposed smiles and glances and movements. Think documentary photography. This is my main focus during weddings and lifestyle sessions. Anyone can create a moment, but I try to capture them as they naturally happen to document your day as it is organically. You don’t need 20 different poses under your wedding arch, because I already got the real moments of you laughing and crying during your actual ceremony. We don’t need to spend hours away from your friends and family doing just couple photos because I’m going to capture so much of your love during your first dance and throughout the night.

And I also get creative. I’m a creative person, in a creative profession. I’m making your heirlooms but also creating art. It’s going to look different and fun. It’s going to make you FEEL something. These aren’t your friends, parents or grandparents photos. They aren’t going to be the exact same as those photos you saw on that feature blog. This is about you, and uniquely you.


These are the kinds of photos I strive to create. Photographs that feel. That tell a story and make you and me feel something. Images that are timeless, and capture the essence of your day and your love and passions. These are candid, natural moments and reactions. And if you’re open to it, I can create them for you and your loves too.

Hiring a photographer shouldn’t be something you do just to check off your to-do list. Let’s CONNECT. Contact me to tell me about you, your vision and the images you want to create together.